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By on October 7, 2017

Today, we want to introduce you to a young entrepreneur that I (Hayley) had the pleasure of working with years ago in Thailand. Back then, we were a couple of young, drunken idiots (or so I thought) but little did I know that he had some BIG plans in the making. At only 24, he is one of the most ambitious, well travelled people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and we want to share with you a snippet of his story. 


Name: Blake Moore


Age: 24


Nationality: British


Current Job Title: Growth Marketer


Previous Job Title: Digital Recruiter


At what age did you leave home to work abroad?
I experimented with the idea when I was 18, working in bars while backpacking through South East Asia but didn’t do it properly (for more than a week or so) until I was 23.


What is your educational background? (College, University, etc)
I graduated with a BSc in Anthropology back in 2014 from the University of Southampton.


How did you find the role your in now, and what drew you to it?
I knew I wanted to travel and work remotely 6 months before taking the plunge. I hadn’t worked it out fully until I left and was making money doing the odd freelance writing gig here and there. I was always interested in ‘growth hacking’ after placing a few of them in London as a recruiter. I found the space super interesting.

So I kept pushing until I found a growth marketer who I could help out. It was a pretty hands on internship as I was working directly with his clients, before eventually transitioning to manage those clients solo and work with new clients of my own!


Did you have to complete any courses or training for your job?
It was pretty much all hands on training. I’m pretty obsessive when I find something I like and growth marketing was no different. I spent hours learning how it was done and applying it businesses! Luckily I had a platform to learn on the job, but I equally applied the tactics to my own personal projects.


What’s a typical day at work for you?
I try to keep a pretty standard work day wherever I am in the world, but as I don’t have set hours I can be pretty flexible. I usually start at around 9:30am and work through to lunch. Then take a break, do some exercise, swim if there’s a pool/ocean close by and then start again for an afternoon session from around 1:30 – 5. It totally depends what I have going on but sometimes I’ll start work again or maybe call it a day then. It also largely depends on the clients I’m working with. Some will need to be around for meetings or to chat on Slack/Skype about what we’re up to. So I work around them.


And your typical day off?
I like to explore. If there’s a beach, you’ll probably find me there or if I’m not, I’ll be finding some green space! After being on the road for a while (it’s been over a year now) you tend to always know someone in the city/town you’re in. So I like to meet up with people and go on adventures!


Are there any misconceptions about your job/lifestyle you’d like to address?
People genuinely think I work three or four hours a day (thanks Tim Ferriss and the Four Hour Work Week!). In fact, I probably work just as much as you do. The only difference is I work when I want and from where I want. The quantity of work isn’t as different as you think.


Also, even if people appreciate I still work quite a lot, they think I’m striving to work less. This isn’t really the case. I’m ambitious and know that to get where I want, I do have to put in the work so this doesn’t really bother me too much. I actually enjoy it!


What is the best memory you have from your job?
Generating several thousand users from a standing start for a new product totally through automated social media. That was pretty cool!


Do you ever have regrets about your lifestyle?
Sometimes I miss the interaction of working with people face-to-face. I get some of this back though when I work out of co-working spaces and visit my clients. It can get a little lonely sometimes, but there’s always I way around it.


What is one life lesson you’ve learnt from your lifestyle/your job?
How to manage my time. No one’s watching what I’m doing and have to keep to a schedule. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m getting there.


What do you want to say to all those people who call you ‘lucky’?
I worked hard to make this happen and I also took what many would consider a big risk. My family thought I was nuts when I ran them through my plans but it’s all worked out in the end, now they get it. I also never take my life for granted. I know I’m fortunate to live the way I do and I have to pinch myself on a regular basis!


Any funny/horror stories you’d like to share to brighten our day?
I’ve had some pretty ‘interesting’ Airbnb’s in my time on the road. I recently had to move into one in Chiang Mai for five days as my lease had just run out on my apartment. As I checked in I saw ten or so cockroaches dart into the corners. I slept there for one night and had to move. It was possibly the worst sleep I’ve ever had.


What Three things can you simply not do without when travelling?
I’ve gone pretty minimal but it’s essential I’ve got my Macbook for work and my iPhone for tethering when the internet’s sketchy. I’ve also become hooked on Bose headphones. I couldn’t travel without them now, they make planes a dream!


Good to know! So, what do you most dislike about the travel industry/travel?
I don’t hate too much, it’s become so open now and I absolutely love that. Anyone can afford to travel. I’d say after spending so much time in airports though, I hate the premium pricing you get in most. Why is it okay to add 40% to the regular cost, just because you’re in a departures lounge?


We couldn’t agree more. Blake, if you could say one thing to your 18yr old self, what would it be?
It’ll all work out!


What destination would be next on your list, if budget wasn’t an issue?
California road trip! It has to be done in either an excessively large RV or a convertible too.


Awesome! What about the weirdest place you’ve ever spent the night?
I once slept in a tent by Sherpa village in the Himalayan foothills in Nepal. It wasn’t weird per se, but the locals kept peeking into the tent and checking in on us. We were quite the attraction…


Ironically, answering our Questionnaire on the move again – this time, from London to Portugal!



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