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Your life’s great, but have you met…..?

By on September 6, 2017

As part of our new blog, Thibault and I have decided to ask grill certain people in our lives about their lifestyle, as an effort to show all of you just how many friends we’ve met along the way that manage to continuously wow us, sustaining a life of travel and/or entrepreneurship.

This week, we caught up with an old friend who lives the kind of lifestyle that many, MANY people are curious about (including us!) Before reading this, remember – he is just like you. He started at the bottom. He wanted a change, a challenge, to do things his way. He chose this path, and he’s well and truly owning it.

Name: Ross Macfarlane

Age: 27

Nationality: British

Current Job Title: Deck Hand/ PADI Dive Instructor on a Luxury Super Yacht

Previous Job Title: Restaurant Manager, UK

At what age did you leave home to work abroad? 19

What is your educational background? (College, University, etc):
Professional Cookery/ Hospitality

How did you find the role your in now? What excited you most about it?
On previous ski seasons that I worked, my friends out there always worked 6 months on super yachts and 6 months in the ski resorts. They told me how much money you get paid / how much you save while working and that you travel all over the world on luxury yacht. Whats not to like!?

Did you have to complete any courses or training for your job?
Yes, before you can even start looking for work on yachts you need to complete a course called STCW which is basically a 5 day course on survival at sea, first aid, fire fighting and onboard security. No yacht will even think about hiring you with out this. You also need to go for an ENG1 medical examination to make sure your fit and in good health to work at sea.

So whats a typical day like for you on the yacht?
Typical day at work when the owners of the yacht aren’t onboard for a holiday is to maintain the yacht looking 7*. This means polishing / waxing / cleaning the yacht. Doing a vast amount of DIY such as paint repairs / spray paint repairs / jet ski engine maintenance, teak deck repairs and just ensuring everything is up to scratch ready for the owners next trip.

When the owners are onboard for a holiday, our days range from cleaning the yacht to the most perfect form it can be, driving the owners to beaches in the tenders, jet skiing / scuba diving / wake boarding / paddle boarding with the family and visiting some truly beautiful luxury places you would never normally see if you didn’t work in this industry!

Sounds pretty nice! What about your days off?
Our days off range from exploring the new cities and countries we always go to. Scuba diving, wake boarding, long boarding down the beach walks, drinking and partying a lot!

Are there any misconceptions about your job/lifestyle?
The job is amazing! You make loads of money and travel the world seeing some awesome places, however, the lifestyle can be tiring. We do work some crazy hours when the owners are onboard for a holiday. A normal summer holiday for them last up to 60 days which means we work 60 days with no days off doing 12-16 hour shifts. Moving about the globe a lot can get a bit much if you just want to stay in one spot and be land based for a while. But we sacrifice this for the travel and the money.

Any good memories you’d like to share?
Scuba diving in some of the top dive sites in the world off a 262ft luxury yacht. Traveling the globe in luxury style meeting some amazing people within the industry.

I bet! Do you ever have regrets about your current lifestyle?
At the moment no regrets, I really enjoy the job, lifestyle and high income but i can imagine it will take its toll in a couple years to come.

What do you say to people when they say ‘how lucky’ you are?
Finding a job within the industry and on the right yacht that travels and pays well can be to do with luck, but working abroad, travelling and making some truly amazing memories in your youth isn’t luck. You just have to get out and do it and you will never regret it!

Three things you can’t live without whilst travelling – GO!
Laptop (a must for long journeys to watch films etc), Camera, Fire Poi (always a fun party trick anywhere on the globe)

Does anything put you off travel, even a teeny bit?
Having to acquire visas for different countries. running out of money, having to go home eventually.

If you could say one thing to your 20yr old self, what would it be?
Dont get rid of that travel bug as its the best thing thats happened to me.

Ok ok, forget budgets, what would be your next destination?
Antartica for ice diving. But if money wasn’t an issue, got to say going to the moon!!!

What is the weirdest place you’ve ever spent the night?
Weirdest place is in a sand bunker on a golf course…

And here’s Ross, out at sea, answering all of our questions – how cool is that?!



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