No matter how many times we are asked, we are always so shy and embarrassed to divulge about how Thibault and I met. I suppose it’s a natural challenge many couples bear – but now we’ve taken the leap to start our own blog, it’s time to let go of all the angst and insecurity and tell our story. We met back in January 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Thibault was a street performer, and I myself had freshly landed down under, right in time for New Years Eve. 


Fuzzy headed and somewhat glassy-eyed, I woke the next morning to embark upon a day of sight-seeing with my closest amiga, Hannah. As we approached the city, a crowd was acutely multiplying before us. Peeking through the myriad of heads, we stood and watched what, at the time, was one of the most spine-tingling (and heart-stirring) performances I’d ever seen. Thibault was one of the most charismatic (and attractive) people I’d ever set my eyes on, him and his dance crew had the crowd in fits of laughter and everyones day had noticeably been lifted by their show. After my iPhone camera roll was full (not even kidding) Hannah and I turned and proceeded to carry on our activities planned for the day. No matter how stunning my surroundings were, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d left something behind. 

I admitted defeat and came to the conclusion I’d missed my opportunity, and suggested we headed back to our hostel. But thankfully fate was on my side that day, and we ended up crossing paths that same evening in a local nightclub. 

We spent the next two weeks talking about ourselves, our friends and family, our plans. Our plans were no way near aligned, with Thibault in fact at the end of his travels, whilst mine felt they were just beginning. We to-and-fro’ed for the next few weeks whilst he was in Asia on a trip with his friends and I was up in Queensland, conversations that only seemed to end in why it couldn’t work. Thibault was due to start his Masters back in Belgium, and deemed it impossible to rethink his plans – worried about what his friends and family would say about rerouting his entire life for a girl he’d briefly met abroad.

That being said, my skills of persuasion were much better than I thought, and one day he called me up to tell me he’s coming back to me (best – day – evvveeerrrr!!!)


We’ve now travelled and worked around the likes of South Africa, America, Australia, Spain, South-East Asia, China and Portugal literally having the time – of – our – lives. I have been able to land quite a few dream jobs working as an Event Manager and Specialist, as well as developing my Photography skills to the point I would even now call myself a Photographer. Thibault has performed and run dance crews in almost every country we’ve ended up in, and magnified his connections in the industry tenfold. We’ve learnt how to travel and work as we go, finding jobs upon our touchdown in any given country, and gained an amazing community of friends and colleagues in each place we call home. The friends we’ve made, the skills we’ve developed, and the utter strength of our relationship is what we cherish more than anything, and it’s exactly these things we want to pass on to others. 

The ONLY purpose, and we truly mean only purpose, of our blog is to inspire you and teach you how we learnt to live life in such a rewarding, meaningful way.

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Short and sweet – because that’s exactly what we are. We live a life that is completely unfathomable for some and utterly mind-boggling for others. Our goal of creating The Modern Mavericks is to use the art of Photography and our Experiences to entice each and every one of you to break out of your comfort zone and live like us.

We move, set up a life, kick some ass, and repeat.

We stay in a particular destination for as long as it serves our purpose, whether it be cultural, financial – or sometimes we stay just because the food is fucking incredible. We don’t live our lives to please anyone but ourselves, and so far it’s paid off tremendously. If we don’t click with a place – guess what – we move (and for all those who know us intimately will know our relationship with China!) Doing this has given both Thibault and Myself a greater respect for knowing what we want from life and what we don’t. Having this mentality has opened doors for us that most people could only dream of. 



There’s no subscription.

There’s no membership.

Not even a mailing list if you don’t fancy it.

Just keep up with us, read our posts, check out our pictures, and get inspired. We hear from so many of our friends and family that they’re so envious and jealous of ‘what we’re doing’…and proceed to tell us they’d love to do the same – but can’t. And we sit, and think to ourselves – but why can’t you? What possible excuse could anyone have? It’s all about mindset. We’re not telling you to hand in your letter of resignation tomorrow morning (then again, were not telling you NOT to either!) we are just trying to plant the seed. Remember: there is never going to be a perfect time to travel. There will always be bills to pay tomorrow. There will always be a wedding, birthday and christening to attend. There will always be people telling you to wait until blah blah blah.

The cynics and the haters will hold you down until the day you learn they’re jealous, monopolising idiots. 

Be smart and distance yourself from these people. They are toxic and represent everything that is wrong with the world today (ok, a bit drastic, but something we believe is totally true.) Remove the roadblocks and you’ll see yourself in a new light. Start by taking a weekend trip alone to a nearby city or country. If that’s too much, it’s not a problem – invite a friend along and plan a fun getaway. Experience new things – rent a scooter and tour the city, stay in an AirBnB and get to know your host, or maybe even make some friends and invite them for dinner. These things sound simple, but they are all pushing you out of your comfort zone. Your doing things that you wouldn’t usually do sitting behind your desk. You’ll be flooded with adrenaline in no time and want the next experience. For nomads like Thibault and I, it’s almost second nature to go out for dinner with a bunch of strangers. By the end of the meal, they’re no longer strangers and we’ve got new friends in Dubai, Ireland and Canada all inviting us to visit.

The essence of what we are saying is, if you don’t believe you can travel or change your life, you never will. 

And to those people, we’re truly sorry. We’re sorry that you’ve been so conditioned by friends, family, colleagues, your community – that you’ve been blinded by conformity and restraint. But please don’t give up just yet. Carry on following us. Check our Instagram. Browse our Facebook. Shoot us an e-mail.

We’ll get you there, don’t you worry.